Swrve Scores a First Among Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms

Swrve Scores a First Among Mobile Marketing Automation PlatformsThis week, Swrve — a global titan in mobile marketing automation — announced a new feature of its open platform, Swrve Webhooks, which enables marketers “to trigger actions and campaigns outside of a mobile app based on app user data.”

As the first mobile marketing automation platform to support Webhooks, Swrve empowers marketers to personalize campaigns using data from user profiles and behaviors on all platforms, resulting in a seamless omni-channel experience.

Swrve CEO Christopher S. Dean is, quite understandably, excited about this development.

“Siloed data inhibits marketers from engaging with customers effectively,” says Dean. “Data across all platforms can and should be used to inform campaigns on any platform, creating a united user experience without technological barriers. By adding Webhooks functionality, we’re making it easy for marketers to use data from any owned or third party platform to enhance customer engagement, driving loyalty and revenue. For instance, an email campaign can now be responsive to a customer’s cumulative browsing behavior in app and on the web.”

Swrve says this new functionality is made possible through partnerships with a number of solutions, include SendGrid, an email delivery platform.