Swrve Ready to Begin New ‘Conversation’ About Mobile Marketing

Swrve Ready to Begin New 'Conversation' About Mobile MarketingSwrve, a provider of mobile marketing automation, is ready for a new “conversation.”

This week, the company announced support for multiple forms of “rich media” messages.

According to Swrve’s announcement, this includes surveys, video content, and interactive messages that support two-way communication ( also known as “Conversations”) with the mobile user.

Collectively these features are set to deliver greatly enhanced experiences to mobile users and greater engagement, loyalty and revenue for mobile businesses, through a simple and easy-to-use, non-technical service.

The company said in a news release that the rise of the mobile app creates “challenges for organizations when it comes to communications with users”

However, with this launch, Swrve  says it “re-imagines communication on mobile and supports the delivery of ‘perfect conversations’ in real-time within the app itself.”