Swrve ‘Fills the Mobile Gap for Enterprises’ With Multi-Channel Marketing Systems

home-bg-3colSwrve, a leader in mobile marketing engagement, is bringing its  mobile marketing capabilities to marketing clouds and legacy marketing stacks.

How so? “Through a series of new integrations and updates,” the company said this week.

“Unlike competitors who have taken the approach of building their own e-mail solution directly, Swrve works with all of the leading email solutions to offers its customers a more mature solution with greater flexibility, reliability and a lower overall total cost of ownership,” Monday’s announcement reads.

Compatibility between legacy solutions and cutting-edge mobile technology is rare in the market, and Swrve has seen a 71 percent increase in monthly active users as a partial result. This new expansion has also led the company to hire former mobile industry veteran Jon Perrin to lead its U.S. sales efforts as enterprise demand increases.

“The modern consumer lives on mobile,” said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve. “But marketing clouds are the lifeblood of the enterprise. One of Swrve’s platform key strengths is our compatibility with existing marketing systems, and the steps we’ve taken over the past year to ensure that data can move back and forth between mobile and email campaigns has given our customers significant advantages by offering a more holistic view of their customer’s journey. Their satisfaction is the reason we’ve experienced such rapid success.”

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