Switchfly Shows Off New Suite of White-Label, Industry-Specific Solutions

switchflyThis week, Switchfly, Inc. — a technology company powering travel search/booking, loyalty program engagement and ancillary merchandising solutions — announced the release of a new suite of configurable, white-label, industry-specific solutions.

These solutions, we’re told, will allow client airlines, hotels and resorts, financial institutions and online travel agencies (OTAs) to provide tailored experiences to their customers, powered by Switchfly’s state-of-the-art enterprise cloud platform.

Each solution allows for global omni-channel commerce, comprehensive multi-source inventory, consumer loyalty and personalization, and data-driven optimization.

“In this era of the customer, we are gratified to debut this new suite of solutions,” said Daniel Farrar, CEO of Switchfly. “Our customers are seeking a new level of customization, and our platform allows for a tailored customer experience that results in better merchandising, higher conversion rates and higher profit for our clients.”

To learn more about the company and what it offers, click here.