Swipe Right for an Influencer: Company Debuts Programmatic Ad Buying with Social Influencer Options

Social MediaLooking for an influencer? ROI Influencer Media can hook you up.

Teaming up with multiple programmatic platforms — Rubicon Project, PubMatic, OpenX, and Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange, among them — ROI Influencer Media wants to make the process both easier and more lucrative in the final analysis.

The main selling point: streamlining and standardizing the growing appetite for social media influencers willing to support brand.

“The social influencer market is basically in the Wild West stage,” explained Seth Kean, the CEO of ROI Influencer Media, in an Adweek interview. “It reminds me of before video, digital, or mobile advertising became standardized. This is the beginning of influencer marketing becoming standardized.”

What does it all mean? To begin with, advertisers buying programmatic advertising packages will be introduced to a plethora of influencers who have signed on with ROI.

“For the first time, premium brand and advertising agency partners on our platform can access native social content across all major social media platforms programmatically,” said Jay Sampson, Rubicon Project’s head of strategic partnerships.

“By giving access to ROI’s 10,000 influencers (folks like Lauren Bushnell, Keegan Allen, and Mike Conley), brands can include a much more direct version of programmatic ads into their media mix,” reports Adweek. “And the influencers have just as much say in the deals as before; if it’s not a perfect fit for their personal brand, they can absolutely negotiate the deal or outright turn it down.”

Programmatic ads will follow a CPM model, ensuring brands are purchasing only guaranteed viewable impressions. And according to Kean, ad-spending forecasts show more buyers leaning toward programmatic-direct over the next 36 months.

“Our premium inventory allows agencies to see everything in an organized way and allows influencers to still control their feeds,” said Kean in the Adweek report.