Survey: Mobile Internet Adoption Continues To Rise

Though it may come as no surprise, mobile internet adoption and overall usage is still steadily increasing.  A survey conducted by outlines some new trends in mobile Internet shopping and purchasing behaviors in its new “Consumer Behavior” report dubbed “Mobile Internet Shopping Trends.”

The online shopping portal conducted the survey in March which included 3,305 online consumers with mobile phones in the U.S.  The survey concluded that online consumers have made considerable progress in Web-enabled phone adoption and mobile Internet usage, especially in relation to shopping via mobile devices.

The survey proved that online shoppers are now increasingly becoming mobile Internet shoppers using their Web-enabled phones to maximum advantage.  Mobile devices help them purchase online, compare prices and also research product details and specifications.  Among them, 58 percent have purchased digital content for their phones, 51 percent have bought consumer electronics and 37 percent computers, besides similar numbers on books and clothing.

Interestingly enough, more than half of the online consumers polled (58 percent) owned a mobile phone with Internet connectivity.  Among the consumers with Web-enabled phones, 21 percent had a smartphone, 8 percent owned an iPhone and 29 percent owned some other type of Web-enabled phone.  As the market saturation grows steadily for Web-enabled devices and smartphones in particular, mobile Internet usage will obviously spike.  So to will mobile shopping services such as PriceGrabber which is no doubt positioning itself for a surge in mobile-based shopping, research and price comparisons.