Survey: Consumers Want SMS Alerts

Survey - People Want SMS AlertsNearly 70 percent of mobile users want more SMS alerts, according to a new survey published today by Dialogue Communications.  Users also indicate a high willingness to opt-in to SMS alerts for everything from appointment reminders to bill payments.

The study, which asked participants how they usually and how they would like to receive appointment reminders, found that although only three percent of people currently receive reminders by text – with 83 percent coming in the mail – over 67 percent would be happy to receive text reminders or alerts in the future.  Furthermore, nearly 60 percent would actually opt-in for a text reminder service, and just over 80 percent of people said they would also be interested in a customer service text call-back request capability.

Reasons cited for an overwhelming enthusiasm to SMS reminders included primarily that they were much more convenient than receiving reminders in the mail.  Once sent, they’re stored on one’s mobile device for future reference, and is much more reliable.  Other reasons include being more environmentally friendly and easier to integrate with Outlook, for those using smartphones.

The survey was conducted in the U.K., which currently has the second highest usage of SMS after the U.S.  Some 83 billion text messages are sent in the U.K. every year — with more than 830 billion being sent in the U.S. — which means SMS reminders are set to become a major utility across numerous industries.  We covered a recent campaign centered around Kaiser Permanente, who partnered with mobileStorm to deploy a pilot SMS reminder solution that ended with unprecedented results- saving Kaiser nearly $150 per appointment and over $275,000 at a single clinic.

As SMS continues to proliferate, so to will SMS-usage beyond the confines of basic communication and marketing.  As SMS becomes more of a utility for consumers, we’ll undoubtedly see more of the technology in our everyday lives.