Survey: Airpush in Position to Dominate Mobile Ads Next Year

A recent informal poll among professional marketers and advertisers in the digital space keeps producing one name as the mobile ad network to watch in 2013: Airpush.

According to IGC‘s internal mobile developer/advertiser survey, Airpush is in a strong position to expand its popularity and profitability throughout the coming year.

“Everyone sees the potential with mobile advertising, but the money hasn’t been as good as some have hoped yet,” a representative at IGC tells MMW. “With Airpush, some of the hype is starting to manifest into reality. Developers and mobile advertisers working with Airpush are doing very, very well according to the metrics and feedback we’re monitoring.”

Just two weeks ago, The Mobile Excellence Awards program recognized Airpush as the “best mobile ad network” of 2012. The organization propped up Airpush as an ad network that has done more than other leading ad networks to “shape, influence, and drive growth in its industry this year.”

As MMW also reported, last month Airpush is currently enjoying substantial positive user feedback and corresponding results in reference to the release of its latest SDK.