Survey: 9 Out Of 10 Mobile Shoppers Use The Mobile Web While In-Store

New research commissioned by Nielsen and Yahoo gives more insight into the role of mobile technology in brick and mortar stores, with the new “Mobile Shopping Framework” study finding that 9 out of 10 mobile Web users have logged on while in a store.

Data shows that 50% of users” in-store mobile Web activity is shopping related and, for just over half (51%), in-store mobile research has led to a purchase.  However, while over half (51%) of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites, just 4.8% of U.S. retailers have one.  The report shows that those that do have mobile-specific Websites aren’t delivering satisfactory experiences.  Slow-loading or crashing sites continue to hamper even the largest of companies, as the latest seasonal index from Internet performance tracking firm Compuware Gomez suggests.

According to research from Brand Anywhere and Luth Research, retailers could increase consumer engagement by as much as 85% by having a mobile-specific website.  The debate continues whether shoppers prefer mobile apps or the mobile Web, as each provide inherent benefits.  For example, some mobile users search a store’s mobile Website while standing in-store because, in many cases, it’s easier to locate an item Online than it is to wander the aisles.  On the other side, many users prefer mobile apps from the likes of Shopkick and others that provide the ability to scan product barcodes or turn shopping into a social experience.

Regardless, this year’s holiday shopping season will be filled with mobile engagement, so it should be interesting to see usage and other stats during the beginning of next year.