Survey: 27% Of US Mobile Users Have Clicked Mobile Ads, Up From 21% In 2008

ABI Research today published its latest US Consumer Survey for mobile marketing, which also compares the results to a similar survey conducted in December of 2008.

Most notable in the survey, which polled 1,003 US consumers, was the finding that 27% of mobile phone users accessing the mobile Web have clicked on a mobile banner ad or text link.  This compares to 21% as found in the 2008 survey.

Also notable is that mobile Web access on a daily basis is up significantly, with 28% of mobile phone users accessing the mobile Web at least once per day, which compares to just 16% in the previous survey.  Consumers remain guarded about using their mobile phones to make purchases, however, with 76% saying that security around such transactions is a major concern- an increase from 71% in the previous survey.

The survey also found that resistance to receiving promotions such as coupons and discounts on the mobile phone is eroding as well, with roughly 45% of respondents, while not enthusiastic, would accept promotions if they had some control over the process.  By contrast, only about 36% would accept these types of mobile promotions in the earlier survey.

“More people are accessing websites through their mobile phones today than 14 months ago, and clicking on ads is becoming more commonplace,” said Neil Strother, ABI Research’s practice director for mobile marketing strategies.  “This trend is a positive one for marketers and advertisers, and should give them greater confidence in their mobile efforts, knowing that well-targeted offerings can find traction among consumers.”