Surging Smartphone Adoption Drives Opportunities for Mobile Brand Marketing Across Asia

Surging Smartphone Adoption Drives Opportunities for Mobile Brand Marketing Across AsiaOn Wednesday morning, the team at Opera Mediaworks issued a new report indicating that there’s big potential on the horizon for mobile across the Asian continent as brands, agencies and publishers shift to marketing on mobile.

Consequently, the independent ad network senses a ripe opportunity that it is refusing to overlook.

The company tells MMW that it is moving ahead with plans to expand its operations into the fast-growing Asia Pacific region.

“Smartphone adoption rates across 29 APAC countries have spiked from 48% to reach 60% in 2014,” a provided statement reads. “Throughout 2014, the region’s impression market share continued to grow and it finished the fourth quarter at 26.1% — nearly triple the 10% it had three years ago.”

Impressively, Asia overtook Europe to become the second-highest generator of mobile ad impressions on the Opera Mediaworks mobile ad platform at the end of 2013.

So what does expanding into the region mean for Opera Mediaworks. The company says it plans to “focus on key geographies such as India, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.”

As of this writing, new executives and team leaders are being put in place to help drive network growth and relationships with advertisers, premium publishers and developers in the Asia Pacific region.

“We see huge opportunities in mobile video adoption and, in turn, mobile-video advertising in the Asia-Pacific region,” says Vikas Gulati, the firm’s Managing Director in Asia. “We also see other trends in Asia-Pacific – the adoption of better audience targeting, and big retailers and e-commerce sites such as Flipkart and Snapdeal strengthening their focus in m-commerce as consumers get more comfortable making purchases on their mobile devices.”