Supersonic Announces Mediation for Mobile Interstitial

Supersonic Announces Mediation for Mobile InterstitialMMW learned on Wednesday that Supersonic by ironSource is rolling out the addition of mediation support for interstitial ad formats for Android and iOS, expanding their mediation platform to give developers a more complete solution in the same “lightweight SDK.”

According to details shared in a media release, the latest mediation product will deliver the same benefits of the existing rewarded video mediation, with advanced tools like: Ad Placements, Smart Loading and Ad Network Capping Technology, completing a robust solution that spans multiple ad formats and operating systems.

This latest product upgrade follows the September 2015 merger of ironSource and Supersonic, forming the largest independent mobile marketing and monetization platform for developers looking to turn their apps into scalable, successful businesses.

Demand for mobile ad inventory, particularly in-app, has skyrocketed. Research firm eMarketer estimates advertisers will spend over $100B in mobile ads this year, accounting for over half of the global digital advertising market. While there is certainly no shortage of demand, developers are having trouble managing this surge, inundated by the numerous ad networks available, each requiring their own separate integrations.

“Ad Monetization has become an increasingly important part of the developer tool-set, but also an increasingly complicated one to manage,” said Adam Ben David, VP SSP. “While developers using our SSP for rewarded video have reaped the benefits of a unified solution for managing their rewarded video end-to-end, it was a constant ask for us to extend our capabilities to cover interstitial – a very lucrative ad format for our clients – and we’re excited to be rolling that out.”