Supercuts’ New Mobile Features Make You ‘Ready to Go’

Supercuts New Mobile Features Make You Ready to GoThe folks at Supercuts have made some new upgrades to their online presence in addition to creating a mobile app. The new features now let customers make appointments online and to check-in upon arrival. The app even allows customers to manage same day service.

Along with the check-in option, Supercuts, like some other popular hair salons, has added a hot towel treatment.

“Supercuts has introduced a new complimentary Hot Towel Refresher as a finishing touch to every haircut,” the company says. “At the end of each cut, an expert Supercuts stylist uses a hot towel infused with soothing tea-tree oil to wipe away hairs from the guest’s hairline and neck so guests feel clean and ready to go.”

These two additions might be enough to some, but Supercuts has also rebranded their commercial marketing to focus on youth and social media. Commercials showing people utilizing all of Supercuts new features are on the way to television and online. Once a client finishes their Supercuts experience, takes a “selfie” and posts it to Facebook, then just like Supercuts new slogan, they are “Ready To Go”.

Two new additional cool features are also available on Supercuts website. First, guests can access over 200 different looks to determine what they’d look like with that style. In addition, all the hair care products that Supercuts offers along with an in-depth explanation on each of them allows customers to choose the one right one for them.

You can log onto to get your hair care experience “Ready To Go”. Supercuts app is available on Android and iOS, and currently works with 2,400 Supercuts salons all over the nation.