Super Duper Last Minute Gift of Mobile

Suppose you are still looking for a few last minute stocking stuffers for the mobile enthusiasts in your life, look no further than Just fire up your printer or get ready to hit the email button and you’ll have gifts to stuff into stockings and they won’t even cost you a cent. But you’ll get to be the hero and save your loved ones from being stuck in traffic all year long. What better gift could you give them? (Especially at this last minute!)

It works like this:
Go to’s Traffic Gift Pack site and click on the printable stocking stuffer. Hit print and your gift is ready. Or you can email the gift to loved ones far away.

What’s the gift:
It is a very attractive gift certificate that gives three ways to use to avoid being stuck in traffic. There is a toll-free number to call, a text alert to sign up for and a mobile site. The gift certificate itself is perfect to be stuck in the glove box or on the car visor. Viola – next time your loved one is stuck in traffic they can use your gift to escape.

Ssssshhhh, don’t tell my husband that I’m printing him one for Christmas. He’s an outside sales rep who practically lives in traffic. He is notoriously hard to buy for and he has an unlimited data plan on his Blackberry – it’s perfect for him.

Who will you give an Anti-Traffic Gift Pack to?

A hat tip to the very smart marketing folks over at This is a terrific promotion!