Super Bowl XLIX Brings Out Creative App Marketing

Super Bowl XLIX Brings Out Creative App MarketingThere’s nothing like the Super Bowl to bring out the utmost in marketing creativity.

Noolkol, a technology startup, has just launched  an “experimental marketing and branding strategy” for Super Bowl XLIX. The goal, we’re told, is to promote their mobile app.

Unlike big corporates, Noolkol says its ad will be aired on their website, and YouTube channel at the beginning of Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday. Viewers can watch it anytime during the game.

At an average cost of around $4 million for a 30-second advertisement during Super Bowl, a small startup like Noolkol is compelled to come up with an innovative strategy for branding their company. “We are small and so we simply ask people to help our start-up get up the big stage by watching the ad posted on on the day of Super Bowl, Feb 1st 2015,” says Jolene Smith, marketing lead at Noolkol.

Noolkol’s approach has been outlined in an ad which is released on their website and YouTube channel this week. In addition to airing the ad, the company also offers its users a download of beta version of their app both on iTunes and Google Play.

“As most companies, Noolkol has chosen Super-bowl, the biggest marketing platform to help build a brand,” the company says. To see what they have planned for the big game day, check out their website here.