Super Bowl Sunday Commercial Mocks Apple, Samsung Rivalry

The complicated legal entanglements of the tech world have become fodder for entertainment on the grandest stage for commercials – Super Bowl Sunday.

Ahead of Super Bowl XLVII this weekend, Samsung has generated 1.7 million views with its new Super Bowl teaser ad that highlights the legal battles between Samsung and its biggest tech rival Apple.

Poking fun at today’s increasingly litigious business environment, actors Seth Rogen, Bob Odenkirk and Paul Rudd appear in the spot as they try to come up with an idea for their Super Bowl ad while going out of their way to avoid  any of the actual words associated with the sporting event.

Rather than saying the “Super Bowl” with the 49ers and the Ravens, for example, they end up calling the big game “the big plate” pitting the the San Francisco “50 minus one-es” against the Baltimore “black birds.”

“The three never mention Apple, Samsung, rounded corners or anything like that,” says Forbes contributor Dave Thier, “but it’s fairly clear what they’re talking about here. Samsung and Apple are still locked in a multi-national copyright war, and its easy to interpret Apple as the unnamed sue happy other in the spot.”

If you haven’t watched the spot yet, check out the clip below.