Samsung Ready to Rumble with Apple in German Court August 25th

Earlier this month, Apple was granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy Tab 10.1., an outcome that effectively barred the tablet from distribution across most of the European Union.

But Samsung isn’t about to capitulate by a long shot. And now a showdown is brewing in Germany between the tech rivals.

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Samsung will go to court on August 25 to appeal the controversial decision, which stands to do significant damage to the Samsung’s European business channel.

The device–released earlier this summer, and which runs on Google Inc.’s Android operating system–is widely considered to be the most promising competitor to Apple’s iPad, which has dominated the market since its release last year. Apple claims Samsung copied its products.

Following the previous ruling, Samsung vowed to fight and indicated that the company “looks forward to defending itself at the upcoming hearing.”

Not surprisingly, Apple and the company’s legal eagles are planning to put full court press – pun intended – on the German court in hopes of successfully arguing once again that the Galaxy Tab is a blatant iPad rip-off that violates Apple’s intellectual property.