Subway Taps Velti As Exclusive Mobile Marketing Partner

On Tuesday, it was announced that Velti has been selected by Subway Restaurants as the exclusive provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology for the popular fast food chain.

The partnership speaks to Subway’s growing committment to tap the mobile channel to drive customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Velti’s mGage platform will be used to launch transactional mobile marketing programs that allow consumers to order meals from their phones for pick up at the nearest Subway.

By virtue of the new deal with Velti, Subway becomes one of the first global franchise organizations to consolidate on a single mobile platform.

“We see enormous potential in our mobile campaigns and look forward to delivering a more robust experience with Velti,” says Joost Zimmerman, Director of Digital Marketing at Subway. “Our goal is to utilize mobile marketing as a highly personal and direct way to reach our customers and give them access to SUBWAY at any time, wherever they are.”

“Subway is poised to set a new standard in mobile marketing,” adds Alex Moukas, CEO of Velti. “The penetration of mobile devices worldwide coupled with Subway’s presence in more than 90 countries will allow Subway to implement innovative global and local campaigns to drive in-store traffic, customer loyalty and brand engagement.”

Subway’s mobile marketing campaign will launch in more than 24,000 Subway stores in the US this summer. Global rollout will continue through 2012.