Subway + GoMobo = Text 4 Sammiches

Manhattanites craving sub sandwiches can now satiate themselves via SMS–and sammich-sellers are reaping the benefits.

Every Subway franchise in the New York city borough has started offering text-message ordering, powered by GoMobo–which, as Michael told us a year ago, aims to permanently simplify and standardize the way busy people everywhere pre-purchase their fast food or hot cup of coffee.

To participate in Subway Now, customers need to go online and set up their “favorite” food items and desired shop locations. When they’re hungry, they text the keyword MENU to the short code 466626 to receive the list of their favorites. Then they reply via SMS with the number of their desired food. Subway then texts out an order confirmation and pick-up time.

The campaign, launched January 5, is a permanent one for the participating shops, and could lead to a national expansion if successful. I’m told that the restaurant owners have seen their average order sizes grow 50 percent since starting Subway Now–$9.45 from $6.32.

This boon is a testament to the multi-channel as well. Subway’s campaign has been promoted with marketing both traditional (ads within the New York City subway system, direct mail with partner American Express ) and new (online ads on sites like Gawker and Gothamist).