Study: Unique Visitors – Most Important Mobile Metric

Bango Analytics v3.0Bango, a leading mobile analytics company, recently conducted a survey of 550 mobile website owners to determine the most important mobile metrics through the eyes of the people it matters most to. What they found might be surprising to you.

It seems the most important analytical feature when it comes to mobile sites is determining the number of unique visitors overall. Not the device, the location of the user, the network, but simply the sheer number of unique visits. One would venture to guess that location, and device used would be the most important data to analyze, but Bango’s study showed that out of 550 site owners surveyed; 80% chose daily, weekly, and monthly unique visitor counts as most valuable in making decisions. Going down the line of most important after unique visitors, those surveyed deemed the following most important;

  • Conversion rates/effectiveness of mobile marketing – 71%
  • New/repeat visitors – 58%
  • Information about the handsets your visitors use – 54%
  • Location – 50%
  • The mobile networks used by visitors to your mobile website – 41%

Accompanying the news of the survey, Bango has also introduced its revamped version of its robust mobile analytics platform, Bango Analytics v3.0, which aims to provide the two most important metrics; unique visitor counts, and conversion rates from mobile marketing campaigns. To accomplish its accuracy, Bango uses link tracking for campaign analysis and page tracking for overall site analysis.

This study caught me by surprise, I was always under the impression referring sites, location of the mobile user, and the device the user is accessing the campaigns on was the most important. If I was in charge of a major mobile campaign that spanned several devices, networks, and platforms, unique visitors wouldn’t be at the top of my concerns. I’m not saying it’s not important, but when dealing with mobile-based campaigns, there’s so many more variables to track and data to be measured, than with traditional online campaigns. Be that as it may, unique visitor data does determine the effectiveness of any campaign overall, and should always be taken into account, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s the single most valuable piece of mobile analytics available.