Study Shows Growing Consumer Interest in Opt-In Retail SMS

Study Shows Growing Consumer Interest in Opt-In Retail SMSAccording to the findings of new research conducted in the United Kingdom, consumers are choosing to opt-in to receive retail mobile messaging at a pace much faster than anything we’ve seen previously.

UK mobile messaging solutions provider Textlocal surveyed 2,000 consumers in the U.K. to find that SMS is now a mobile user’s “primary activity.”

Highlighting details gleaned from the research, BizReport noted Thursday that more than 7 million people in the United Kingdom may opt-in to retail messaging on their mobile devices by 2015, marking growth of 38% over today.

While women are still more likely to opt-in to retail messaging, men are more open to receiving regular messages than women.

“Consumers want to feel in control, not spammed in their personal space, so it’s up to retailers to make sure they truly understand how best to reach their followers with a view to turning them into regular shoppers,” explains Darren Daws, managing director of Textlocal.

Correspondingly, U.K. businesses are reacting quickly to address growing consumer acceptance of SMS-based marketing offers and engagement opportunities.

Textlocal says that 40% of surveyed businesses now use mobile in some aspect of their marketing strategy.