Study Shows Facebook Has Social Media’s Most Valuable Brand

A new study spearheaded by brand value rating agency BV4 aims to rank the most valuable social network brands.

Produced in cooperation with the Department of Social Media Management of the HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich, the study gives Facebook top honors in the ranking with an estimated brand value of $29 billion.

In second is YouTube with a brand value of $18 billion and Twitter finished third with $13 billion.

Despite not being as globally recognizable as Facebook and YouTube, Chinese social network Qzone retains a brand value of $11 billion and placed fourth behind Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Collectively, the study finds, the thirty most valuable brands have a total brand value of $125 billion.

Brands are important intangible factors of value creation for corporations. Compared to corporate values, brand values are continually increasing. This is also true for social network brands which have spread rapidly throughout the world. This development manifests itself in the results of the study at hand.

“The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012” by the HWZ and BV4 is available now and at no charge. To check it out, click here.