Study Shows College Students Are mCommerce Monsters

According to the revealing findings of a new survey of U.S. college students, those pursuing their higher education are also overwhelmingly fond of pursuing the deals and discounts available to them through the mobile channel.

Incredibly, 90% of college students now use their mobile devices to search for deals and coupons.

Conducted by Study Breaks and Campus2Careers, the survey of 689 U.S. college students shows that 51% use their mobile device to “always” (20%) or “often” (31%) seek out deals and coupons.

Only 10% of those surveyed said they “never” use mobile for deal hunting.

“What this all means is that, like it or not, mobile devices are an extension of college students–a practical limb–and it’s crucial that businesses take advantage of this,” a statement from Study Breaks reads. “To do this, a business should develop mobile marketing tactics and a mobile site to increase interactivity and reach potential college students at any time via the one form of media that they never put down: their mobile device.”

As it turns out, QR codes are also popular with college students. In fact, nearly half of those surveyed (46%) use their mobile device to scan QR codes in a print ad.