Study Shows Brand Loyalty Can’t Compete with Mobile Coupons

On Monday, the second of three parts of the “Mobile Shopping Survey Series: CPG Shopping Behavior” was published. The series concentrates on smartphone owners’ in-store experiences.

Sponsored by AisleBuyer, the new study highlights some surprising facts about the shopping behavior of smartphone owners in grocery and drug stores.

Incredibly, almost 75 percent of consumers would switch brands if offered real-time mobile promotions delivered to their smartphones while shopping in a store aisle.

“The least brand conscious group consists of 25-34 year-old shoppers, with 82 percent willing to switch brands if they received a mobile offer for a competing product while in the store,” the report reads.

“For years,” says Andrew Paradise, AisleBuyer’s CEO, “brands have relied on traditional in-store shopper marketing tactics such as endcap displays, dump bins and sampling programs to influence the purchase decisions that are being made in the store aisle. But today’s shopper has become increasingly tech savvy, and brands need to adapt their age-old strategies to remain competitive in our new online world. Given that a majority of shoppers enter stores with only rough shopping lists, they are incredibly impressionable when they are in the aisle. As brand marketers look for new ways to feature their products when shoppers are considering the competition, they should look no further than something consumers already have in hand – their smartphones.”

Do mobile coupons ever deter your brand loyalty?