Study: Paid Search Spend for Mobile is Exploding

The new Q1 2013 Digital Marketing Report by IgnitionOne highlights the significant growth taking place in digital marketing today.

Research by IgnitionOne shows that year-over-year paid search spend for tablets and smartphones are up 112% and 113%, respectively in the US.

According to details made available in a press release today, tablet users were also shown to behave differently from PC users and have higher total engagement.

The report, which includes trends across digital advertising, also revealed US. programmatic display spend increased 55% YoY in Q1 with an average clearing price for these ads of $1.51. This bucks the common perception of media bought programmatically as being “low cost and low quality.”

“Not only are users engaging with more ads on mobile devices, they are also spending more time on marketers’ websites when they do,” said Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne. “This creates both opportunities and challenges as marketers adjust to the changing landscape.”

To download the new quarterly report, click here.