Study: Most Gift Card Purchasers Now Also Buy eGifts

Study Most Gift Card Purchasers Now Also Buy eGiftsThis week, the findings of a new study were shared with MMW.

The latest shopper research from Blackhawk Network reveals thriving egift acceptance and more opportunities for retailers to make gift card programs more valuable by supplementing physical cards with egifts.

Gift cards remain the most popular and coveted gift for all occasions with a vast majority of the population having given or received a gift card in the last year. And now gift card shoppers more frequently turn to egifts in addition to physical cards.

“New consumer research from Blackhawk Network shows that, for the first time, more than half of gift card buyers have also tried egifts,” the report summary shared with MMW reads. “The shopper data shows that egifting is following the overall trend of consumers increasingly shopping and purchasing on mobile devices and online.”

Teri Llach, chief marketing officer for Blackhawk Network, says that while physical gift cards still remain the top gifting choice, their research indicates that “retailers can make their gift card programs even more attractive by incorporating a robust egift element.”

“Our shopper data confirms that mobile and digital acceptance has extended to gift cards,” Llach adds. “Consumers are increasing their overall purchase of gift cards because now they now have more control over the format for delivery and the speed of purchase, plus a wide selection of gift cards and egifts.”