Study: More Than Half Of Companies Are Primed For Mobile Advertising

Study More Than Half Of Companies Are Primed For Mobile AdvertisingA new survey published by Unica Corp. asked companies during the fourth quarter of 2009 what their mobile plans were for the year ahead.  While many indicated they currently use mobile as part of their marketing tactics, a surprising number said they still have no plans to integrate mobile whatsoever.

The survey, dubbed “The Unica Global Marketing Survey” gathered information from companies in North America and Europe, including retailers, consumer product companies, and providers of travel and hospitality services.  57% of those surveyed said they either already use mobile marketing tactics—mobile messaging, mobile web sites or mobile phone applications—or plan to in 2010.

When asked if they were currently using, or are planning to use mobile marketing tactics, respondents replied as follows: currently use, 33%, plan to use in 2010, 24%, plan to use after 2010, 13%, no plans, 20% and don’t know, 10%.  What’s surprising is that one-fifth of respondents indicated they had absolutely no plans to use mobile in 2010.

When it comes to the use of mobile messaging, the respondents replied as follows; currently use, 37%, plan to use in 2010, 38%, plan to use after 2010, 15%, no plans, 5% and don’t know, 5%.  It seems mobile messaging is top on the list, likely because it’s the defacto channel many think of when delving into mobile marketing.

Though it’s yet another survey with likely little merit, it’s always interesting to see how companies view mobile marketing as an option.  Though it’s undoubtedly catching on with a majority of companies, there’s still a surprising amount that simply don’t understand, or simply don’t know where to start.