Study: Mobile Video Users Most Valuable To Market To

The results of a new study have come out recently that took a look at how mobile video users react to integrated advertising in mobile video, as well as their reliance on mobile for information.

The study, put on by Transpera Ad Network and InsightExpress, a digital media research firm, concluded that avid mobile video users represent a unique audience that may not be reachable via other types of digital media, as well as comprise an audience profile that is very attractive to brand advertisers.

The most important tid-bit of information the study has provided is that avid mobile video users use their mobile devices more than they do their computers- a statistic that proves how powerful in-video mobile advertising could be for any brand.   Forexample, 62% of mobile video users surveyed use their mobile phone more than they use a computer to browse the Internet, vs. just 9% of the non-mobile video viewers.

Out of those profiled during the study, users who watch at least one mobile video per week report their “media behavior and preferences” as follows:

  • 78% rely on their mobile phone for up-to-the-minute information, vs. only 19% of those who never viewed mobile video. Showing mobile video is a great feature for news, sports and information services.
  • 71% prefer to receive information via mobile Internet, vs. just 13% of those who don’t view mobile video.
  • 58% get more of their news from the mobile phone than ANY OTHER source, vs. only 10% of those who have never viewed mobile video. Again showing the power of reaching an unduplicated unique audience through mobile video for news and information services.
  • 50% spend more time away from computers than in front of them, vs. the reported 21% of those not watching mobile video.
In the end, the study probably just pointed out the obvious- mobile video users are highly targeted and primed for mobile advertising, but it also shows just how quickly mobile video is catching on and how massive its user-base is.  From a marketing point of view it’s significant, only because video-based advertising is much more effective than most types of mobile marketing because it captures the users full attention and provides a perfect targeted platform for almost any advertiser to utilize.