Study: Mobile Now Central to Personal Financial Management

According to the findings presented in a new report from Quicken, the financial management solution from Intuit, 15% of users like to monitor and review financial accounts on their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

According to Mobile Commerce Daily, which highlighted findings from the study, Quicken explored the way users check their personal financial information. The resounding lesson is that mobile is now critical to consumer financial management – an area that continues to underscore a disconnect between what people earn and what they actually spend.

“We think one of the most surprising findings is that one-fourth of Americans spent more than they made last year and more than 22 percent are desperate to get their finances on track but don’t know how,” says Barry Saik, vice president and general manager at Quicken.

“Finding out where you stand financially is the first step in getting on track,” he said. “Knowing this, we have created tools that can be seamlessly integrated into peoples everyday lives, so that financial management doesn’t become a chore.”