Study: IT Professionals Are Suddenly Big on Macs

Study IT Professionals Are Suddenly Big on MacsIn what comes as yet another stellar example of Apple’s growing presence within the enterprise market, Parallels – a cross-platform solutions provider – has just published a new report indicating that Macs (as well as Apple’s mobile devices) are more popular than ever with corporate IT decision makers.

The commissioned survey of more than 200 IT decision makers found that almost half of businesses (45 percent) currently offer their employees Macs, and more than nine out of 10 businesses (95 percent) that don’t currently provide Macs would be more likely to offer employees Macs if they had a single central management system for both Windows PCs and Macs.

A dagger through the heart of Windows, the survey also reveals that:

  • Eight out of 10 businesses (77 percent) say Macs are more reliable overall than Windows machines
  • Seven out of 10 (65 percent) say they are easier to support
  • Seven out of 10 (65 percent) say offering Macs would likely help attract employees (a very important factor given the competition for talent)

“This survey reinforces what we already knew: Macs are coming into the enterprise but often are supported only reluctantly and not managed efficiently,” said Parallels President Jack Zubarev.

Zubarev is referring to the fact that seven out of 10 businesses cite the main reason they don’t allow Macs onto their network is because they lack the expertise to manage them.