Study: iOS, Android App Developers Very Interested in Windows

Study iOS, Android App Developers Very Interested in WindowsIn what’s being called the “biggest mobile developer study in history,” 6,000 mobile app developers from 115 countries are spilling the beans on their platform preferences and outlook.

In short, here’s what the expansive developer economics report tells us: iOS developers are getting paid the most (they make an average of $5,200 per month in app revenue). However, Android developers are now generating a respectable $4,700 per month – a clear indication that Android is hot on the heels of iOS in terms of developer popularity.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit to emerge from the study, as highlighted Wednesday by VentureBeat, is that more developers plan to start developing for Windows Phone than any other platform.

That’s aided, of course, by the fact that 71 percent of mobile developers are already developing for Android, and 56 percent are already developing for iOS.

“Even so, the fact that 35 percent of developers are planning to develop for Windows Phone in the third quarter of 2013 — more than the 26 percent thinking of iOS — is likely to have a significant impact on the number of Windows Phone apps,” this morning’s report reads.

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