Study: How Men and Women Use Android Apps

The folks at Nielsen have released data on an interesting study that looked at the differences in Android app usage between men and women.

Nielsen measured the so-called “active reach” of Android apps, which is obtained by looking at the percentage of Android owners who used an app within the past 30 days, according to the company.  This also involved analyzing the data from “on-device meters” on thousands of Android smartphones to determine the active reach of applications.

The results were broken down into three categories; overall active reach, active reach for males, and active reach for females.  The app with the highest overall active reach is the Android Marketplace itself, or the app you use to find all other apps, followed by Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook and Google Search to round out the top 5 across both men and women.  The top five for men were similar, with the Android Market app, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search and Facebook topping the list.  The only difference in women’s usage was that Facebook came it at second place and Google Maps moved to fourth place.

Other popular Android apps rounding out the top 20 across both men and women include YouTube, Advanced Tasks Kill Free, Angry Birds, Quick Office Pro, Pandora Radio, Weather Channel, Amazon App Store, Words with Friends, Talk – Text To Voice, Twitter, Barcode Scanner, Adobe Reader, Angry Birds Rio, Kindle and Google+.