Study: Canadians Want More Mobile Marketing

Study Canadians Want More Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is reaching Canadian mobile users with increasing frequency. And they’re welcoming it with open arms, according to the latest research.

SAS Marketing Research finds that 58% Canadians actually want more mobile marketing.

38% of Canadians readily admit that they would buy more if presented with more promotional offers on their smartphone while out shopping.

“When you couple the power of the smartphone, with really smart analytics, retailers have an opportunity to forge some really strong customer relationships, and elevate their marketing to new levels,” explains Lori Bieda, Executive Lead for Customer Intelligence at SAS Americas.

“Retailers who recognize the power of customer information and analytics and use it to deliver location-smart personalized offers to consumers, when and how customers want them, will win the lion share of the shopping basket,” Bieda adds.

Overall, the findings show, women appear to be a “few steps ahead of men” when it comes to taking advantage of mobile marketing opportunities.

Women were more likely to say they would return to a store that offered them smartphone-based, localized promotions (51 percent versus 43 percent of men).

Women were also more likely to cash in on smartphone based in-store deals, with 44 percent (versus 31 percent of men) saying they would buy multiple items when presented with relevant promotions.

“Retailers with both an online and bricks and mortar presence should consider offering purchasing suggestions to their customers while they are in store,” the study summary reads. “Seven in ten surveyed said they find it helpful when retailers make suggestions based on their previous online purchases.”