Study: Banner Ads on Mobile Devices See Higher CTR Than On PCs

There’s been a lot of debate regarding CTR for banner ads on mobile devices.  Many argue that mobile users click on banner ads by mistake and therefore can’t compete with traditional banner ads viewed on PCs.  A new study out by MediaMind, however, aims to debunk this myth.

The company analyzed 230 million impressions of the same banner ads on both mobile devices and traditional browsers and found that the average CTR for mobile ads was .61% compared to .07% for browsers.  MediaMind disagrees with the notion of errant clicks on mobile devices and instead says that mobile is simply “experiencing the same kind of new and fascinating curve that banner ads had when they first asked people to punch the monkey.”

The company also says that the position of the ads on mobile devices plays a huge part as well.  “Mobile banners aren’t just on top of the innovation curve, but also occupy a bigger portion of the screen relative to browser based banners.  In many cases, there is only one banner on the page.  Furthermore, people tend to browse with their phone closer to their eyes, unlike the screen of a laptop or a desktop.”