Study: 85% of Consumers Prefer Mobile Apps to Mobile Websites

According to the findings of a new global study from technology performance company Compuware Corporation, consumers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites by a substantial majority.

“Mobile applications are thought to make life easier by streamlining calendars and grocery lists,” the report summarizes, “offering entertainment while in line and making it easy to collaborate with co-workers. Consumers now associate apps with banking, paying bills, shopping, booking hotels and travel, as well as with staying productive and connected with both home and office tasks.”

When weighing the benefits of using a mobile app vs. a mobile website, 85 percent of survey respondents preferred mobile apps over mobile websites. Why? Apps are deemed “more convenient, faster and easier to navigate.”

The biggest complaints about mobile apps come as no surprise:

  • 62 percent reported a crash, freeze or error.
  • 47 percent experienced slow launch times.
  • 40 percent tried an app that simply would not launch.

“With consumers expecting greater experiences with mobile apps now more than ever, fulfilling those expectations doesn’t just happen — it takes a conscious effort throughout every stage of the design and development process to get it right,” says Stephen Pierzchala, Technology Strategist, at Compuware APM Center of Excellence. “Performance is a crucial contributor to providing a dependable mobile app user experience, so performance should be considered a key driver in the design process. Mobile applications need to focus on a core utility, and they need to be fast and reliable in order to be valuable.”