StubHub Joins The Apple Passbook Party

From Fandango to Target, everyone is lining up to integrate their platform with Apple’s new iOS 6 Passbook.

This morning, StubHub – the world’s largest ticket marketplace – confirmed that its app for iPhone and iPod touch supports Apple’s Passbook.

As you might expect, the integration allows fans to store select event tickets purchased on StubHub into Passbook, enabling them to use their iPhone or iPod touch as their ticket into events.

Last year StubHub introduced mobile barcode tickets with select sports team partners, and the integration with Apple’s Passbook will give iPhone and iPod touch users another option to access mobile tickets.

“StubHub has always used innovation to give fans more freedom and convenience to enjoy live events, and we will continue to develop technology and work with those that share this vision,” said Chris Tsakalakis, President of StubHub. “Through our integration with Apple’s Passbook, fans will not only be able to use their iPhone or iPod touch to store their tickets, but to enter an event as well.”

Apple’s iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5 are available as of today.