StrikeAd ‘Unlocks Private Marketplaces’ to Drive Premium Mobile Buying

IAB 50 Percent of Marketers Now Buying Mobile ProgrammaticallySizmek, an open ad management company for multiscreen campaigns, announced this week that clients can now execute Private Marketplace (PMP) transactions on StrikeAd, the mobile-first programmatic media solution for global brands and trading desks.

The enhancement provides agency and brand clients with single-platform access to choice premium and private inventory alongside supply in the open RTB market, with both self service and managed service options.

For advertisers who wish to access premium content in a programmatic environment and publishers who wish to restrict access to that content, StrikeAd’s PMP functionality is a “perfect fit.”

StrikeAd supports Deal ID functionality, allowing mobile programmatic ad buyers to not only deliver traditional formats but to also deliver engaging, non-standard mobile ads that are often a challenge to serve programmatically.  Additionally, by empowering clients to execute PMP strategies, StrikeAd enhances the ability for users to reach premium audiences with ads that are situated exclusively in viewable locations on the page, with access to increased inventory.

“The advanced integration of StrikeAd and Smart AdServer opens great opportunities for advertisers and publishers, and especially with mobile PMPs,” said Cyrille Geffray, CEO of Smart AdServer. “The share of mobile programmatic deals now accounts for 30% on our exchange, with a growing part coming from advanced ad formats like the Parallax or the Video Interstitial.”