Stress-Measuring Wearable Comes to Kickstarter

Stress-Measuring Wearable Comes to KickstarterMMW was briefed over the weekend by the team at Darta Systems, a start-up based in Moscow.

The company is launching their Kickstarter campaign for the EMVIO tomorrow. And it’s received no shortage of attention in recent weeks.

EMVIO is billed as being “the world’s first stress-tracking watch that is backed by several years of research and trials, and the team behind it can boast an actual working prototype.”

The Kickstarter campaign will take place in conjunction with their Ottawa office, and their ultimate goal is to raise $250,000 CAD that will go towards full-scale production. The EMVIO launch reflects the growing popularity of bringing cutting-edge medical technology out of the labs and into people’s homes.

CEO and co-founder Valery Kuryshev believed the EMVIO watch is ready to combat stress.

“If you’ve got a heavy workload, constant competition, and a personal life on top of that, one key to combating stress is to pay attention to the physical signs: clenched jaws, elevated heart rate, neck tension,” the exec says. “But it’s difficult to do while you’re in emotional turmoil. Stress tracking tools like our EMVIO make this awareness possible. Being mindful of your stress reactions in the heat of the moment goes a long way to boosting productivity, work satisfaction, and your relationships. I’m very excited about sharing this tool and helping people improve their quality of life.”

To check out the Kickstarter page, click here.