Street Signs in YouTube Land: ZEFR’s BrandID Suite Organizes YouTube to Help Marketers

Street Signs in YouTube Land ZEFR's BrandID Suite Organizes YouTube to Help MarketersZEFR, a respected VideoID technology company has a new offering: BrandID Suite.

BrandID Suite is a visualization of YouTube specifically filtered and organized for brands. It helps marketers better understand the scale, quality, and opportunity of what is the undisputed global video platform champ.

“YouTube is becoming the best place for advertisers, replacing traditional media and TV because of its extensive quality content for the widest variety of topics,” the company said this week during an announcement on BrandID Suite. “However, with so much content — 400 hours of new video uploaded every minute — it can be a challenge for advertisers to know how to harness the potential it offers.”

What does it do?

Basically, BrandID Suite uses ZEFR VideoID technology to identify and organize the best videos for brands on YouTube.

“The result is the visualization of more than 6,000 topics that are grouped into larger packages to give brands and advertisers a comprehensive solution to best target their digital advertising campaigns,” a provided statement explains.

YouTube is a very big place now — but ZEFR has created a map with street signs so marketers can find their way around.

“We’re constantly developing new ways to leverage our technology and data to deliver an advantage for marketers. BrandID Suite was engineered to make YouTube more accessible for brands,” said Tom Furukawa, head of product at ZEFR. “In effect, BrandID Suite merchandises YouTube content like TV, taking a page from media’s past to lay the foundation for its future.”