Strategy Analytics: Tablet Apps Processor Market is on Fire

On Monday, a representative from Strategy Analytics briefed MMW on its latest report, which calls for the global tablet applications processor market to register impressive growth of 14.6 percent CAGR in revenues from 2013 to 2018 to reach $7.2 billion in 2018.

Strategy Analytics reports that the tablet applications processor market will register a forecast double-digit revenue growth rate over the next five years.

In addition, penetration in tablets of applications processors with an integrated baseband will increase to 17 percent in 2018 from just 2 percent in 2012, thanks to low-cost quad-core 3G / 4G chips from Qualcomm, MediaTek, Spreadtrum and others.

Multi-core penetration in tablets was close to 90 percent in 2013 and this is likely to continue.

“Strategy Analytics notes that the barrier to entry is quite low in tablet applications processors compared to smartphone applications processors,” says analyst Sravan Kundojjala. “Therefore, we forecast a modest average selling price (ASP) growth through 2018, despite the introduction of 64-bit chips. In addition, a high concentration of low-cost tablet chip vendors in this market will result in a price war which is expected to have a significant impact on ASPs.”

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