Strategy Analytics: Mobile Enterprise Business Applications Market Rise to $63.0 Billion by 2020

Strategy Analytics Mobile Enterprise Business Applications Market Rise to $63.0 Billion by 2020Gina Luk, Senior Analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies and author of “The State of the Mobile Enterprise Business Application Market,” says the increase in the mobile workforce is radically changing the way business serves and interacts with customers.

“There is tremendous pressure on businesses to make workers more productive,” Luk said. “Throughout 2015, companies rolled out new Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Bid Data Analytics-based business applications to help deal with changing customer, employee, and partner expectations.”

There’s definitely a reason for the growth.

As the corporate workforce becomes increasingly mobile, the IT department’s role has unquestionably transitioned from a control to an enablement function, notes Strategy Analytics.

“Both of these issues create a lot of opportunity and the need for new software and processes,” Luk added.

Interestingly, the Strategy Report notes that SMS is still one of the key dominant forms of mobile enterprise applications.

In addition, “enterprises are more receptive to employees bringing their own personal devices into the work environment and synching them with the enterprise back-end applications and work processes,” according to the company. “Consumer demand for ubiquitous communications and OTT IM are higher than ever and are also having an impact with BYOD growth.”