Strategy Analytics: iCloud Leads Dropbox, Google, Amazon

According to the findings presented in Strategy Analytics‘ new ‘Cloud Media Services’ survey, Apple is dominating the cloud storage wars, with Dropbox, Amazon and Google trailing the leading service.

In a recent study of almost 2,300 connected Americans, Strategy Analytics found that 27% have used Apple’s iCloud followed by 17% for Dropbox, 15% for Amazon Cloud Drive and 10% for Google Play (see chart).

As expected, cloud storage is heavily skewed toward younger people, with 20-24 year-old Americas using cloud storage most frequently.

Apple’s service is the only cloud service with more female than male users, while Google’s is most heavily skewed toward males.

Across all market participants in cloud storage, the services are dominated by music. Strategy Analytics finds that approximately 90% of Apple, Amazon and Google’s cloud users store music.