Steve Jobs Schools Open in The Netherlands

Steve Jobs Schools Open in The NetherlandsEarlier this spring, educators in the Netherlands made global headlines with their plan to develop a number of so-called “Steve Jobs schools.”

Students of each school are not given pens, paper, notebooks, books, or any of the typical school supplies.

Each student, however, is equipped with an iPad.

The children will learn through a designated app on their iPad “which will be turned into a sort of interactive, multimedia schoolbook — whenever they want.”
The Education for a New Era Foundation (O4NT) confirmed yesterday that the first wave of Steve Jobs Schools are opening in the Netherlands on Wednesday

Sneek, Breda, Almere, Emmen, Heenvliet and Amsterdam are now home to the first of these groundbreaking schools.

By year’s end, the foundation expects to have at least a dozen schools in operation, with more planned for 2014.

The organization’s new website is now live and can be accessed here.