Sterizon Launches Mobile “WiTweet” Solution

sterizon_logoBusinesses rely on customer contacts to engage and interact with its customers, but getting that contact information is easier said than done.  Sterizon is a company that focuses on making that process easier for businesses via what the company calls a “wiZit.”

A Sterizon wiZit is defined as a “wireless, portable, handheld WiFi device for collecting customer information and feedback.”  Put simply, its a small device placed at the POS that customers can use to input various information about themselves for things like future discounts, loyalty programs, benefit programs, etc.

The company currently offers 11 different solutions, offering things like paperless email signup, customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty and reward programs, SMS and email marketing solutions, digital coupons and more- all accessed via the small wiZit device placed at the business.  The latest addition to its portfolio of products is WiTweet, a quick and efficient way for customers to follow a business’ Twitter stream during the checkout process.

Beyond basic Twitter following, WiTweet allows multi-location chain businesses to customize customer following to a specific business location, and like all of Sterizon’s other solutions, the business owner can login to a custom Web portal to access and analyze customer input data in real-time.

“Our customers in restaurant, service and hospitality industries are looking for an effective and simple solution for Social Media Marketing. With Sterizon wiZit’s integration with Twitter, we are able to offer Social Media Marketing along side Email and Mobile Marketing in one integrated solution.” said Subba Ayyagari, Co-Founder of Sterizon.

It’s a unique solution, and Sterizon has the right idea in using its popular wiZit device to collect a variety of information that would otherwise be difficult for a business to do on its own.  Customer contacts is a very important part to any business, and Sterizon fills the void nicely.