StepLeader Steps Up Mobile Innovation

StepLeader Steps Up Mobile InnovationThis week, the team at StepLeader, a popular mobile app platform for local media, announced two new mobile products.

The first app, code-named Daybreak, aims to “revolutionize” mobile news consumption.

It’s a bold promise, for sure, but the company is trying to back up that pledge with some concrete details on how it will function.

In short, Daybreak presents local audiences with only the most critical information relevant to their location, be it weather, traffic, breaking alerts, or top local stories.

The second app offers local media their own privately branded, single-purpose traffic app.

Built upon StepLeader’s Mobile Delivery Engine [MoDE] platform, these are the second and third new apps in the last 9 months to leverage their proprietary mobile infrastructure. MoDE empowers customers to deploy unique apps at unprecedented speed by consolidating to a single code base, automating the testing of over 700 app use cases, and automating submissions to the app stores.

“When we evaluate our data,” explains StepLeader’s CEO, Brian Handly, “younger demographics show incredible willingness to consume smaller bites of local content on mobile devices. They’re not looking for a full content experience, just what is most relevant to them throughout the day. Daybreak is local media’s answer to this current product void. It also provides an immediate response to the competitive threat posed major by technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo, all of whom are making significant investments in local content.”

Handly adds that this is an opportunity to continue innovating in mobile for the entire local media industry.

“We’ve launched a complete redesign and two new products in the last 9 months, while many of our peers are abandoning this space entirely,” he concludes. “Because this style of app doesn’t exist today in local media, it presents an exclusive branding opportunity for news organizations around the country.”