Stella McCartney Launches Mobile Marketing Campaign

We knew it was only a matter of time before high fashion and luxury living discovered mobile marketing. And it appears that this holiday season, the time has finally come.

Millennial Media, Inc., one of the industry’s largest and fastest-growing mobile advertising networks company, and luxury lifestyle fashion brand Stella McCartney today announced their “collaboration to develop and introduce a distinctive mobile advertising campaign for holiday shoppers” this season.

The campaign, which launches today, and continues through the end of January 2009, represents the fashion designer’s inaugural foray into mobile marketing.

The initiative also plays a critical role in the company’s holiday-focused integrated marketing efforts, which also include print and online advertising, direct mail, in-store, point-of-purchase signage, channel marketing, and public relations programs.

Created and implemented by Millennial Media, the campaign seeks to build awareness and consumer interest for the Stella McCartney spring and summer 2009 collections, while concurrently establishing a significant presence for the Stella McCartney brand on the mobile Web.

The collections feature pieces with Stella McCartney’s signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence, and sexy femininity. The effort is specifically targeted at modern and style-conscious shoppers.

“Stella McCartney is a luxury lifestyle brand, and this partnership, through a unique and unconventional campaign, is geared towards further strengthening the brand’s presence to a wider audience,” said Stella McCartney. “This initiative enables Stella McCartney to target, with a new approach, fashion consumers in the U.S., while also being true to the brand’s efforts in environmental responsibility since the campaign is digital and avoids any wastage.”

Apparently mobile marketing also inspires people to speak of themselves in the third person.