Steiner Sports Wants to Turn Game Players into ‘Brand Marketers’

When it comes to divorce-immune partnerships, the marriage between sports and marketing is one that will likely not end any time soon.

Last night, MMW heard from the folks at SportsPicker, developers of the Sports Pick’Em prediction technology platform, and Steiner Sports. The companies are touting a new white label game, Steiner Sports Pick’Em.

According to the announcement, this partnership enables Steiner Sports – a sports marketing services and memorabilia provider – to offer a customized, branded sports challenge on their website so customers can compete for giveaways and other prizes.

“The initial Steiner Sports Pick’Em challenge launched today and runs through February 10, 2013,” the company said Thursday.

Players can compete for sports memorabilia valued at $1,500. And, without question, there are some pretty nifty prizes to take home – including the top prize, which is an autographed photo of Yankees slugger Derek Jeter.

“With Sports Pick’Em, players are transformed into brand marketers while they’re having fun and competing for valuable Steiner Sports prizes,” says SportsPicker CEO Oren Kantor. “Players are eager to display their sports knowledge, so they typically do the company’s marketing for them by using social media to invite friends and sharing the results of their picks. It’s a win-win for Steiner Sports and the players, who have a shot at winning amazing prizes.”

To learn more or to enter the Steiner Sports Pick’Em challenge, click here.