Staying in The Know While on The Go

ask-me-now.gifMother always said nobody likes a know-it-all. But the folks behind AskMeNow, a US based company offering consumers an exciting mobile search product, have made mom’s advice as outdated as the pay phone itself.

Although still in development and haunted by the occasional bug, this fast, easy, and dare I say addictive service is off to an impressive start. By using proprietary technology mobile customers can gain quick access to telephone listings, weather reports, sports scores, movie times, directions, travel information and even horoscopes.

If you’re wondering how AskMeNow is different from the other mobile-enabled search engines, you can ask almost any reasonable question and receive a prompt and “specific” answer in return. That is, instead of receiving a list of links to help you search further, you’ll get a direct answer to your initial inquiry. Utilizing both groundbreaking search technology and a little bit of human assistance, virtually any question text messaged will result in a helpful answer returned via text message.

Of the three questions I asked today, two were replied to in fewer than thirty seconds, while the other took about a minute. All three questions, however, had one thing in common: the right answer. When asked who won the NBA All Star Game, the current temperature in Chicago, and the Capital of South Dakota, the technology and humans behind AskMeNow (maybe they’re cyborgs) were accurate each time.

It’s a fun service with a lot of potential. Best of all, in the US and Canada the AskMeNow SMS service and downloadable applications are provided at no charge from AskMeNow. However, standard messaging and data fees do apply. And as the official website acknowledges, some carriers do charge an additional premium fee for the service. But no one is charged without first being notified and agreeing to the premium fee, which is charged directly to your carrier bill.

To check it out yourself (and maybe learn a thing or two), visit AskMeNow’s applications page and get started.