Stayhealthy Trims the Fat in Modern Healthcare with Innovation That’s Off the Scale

It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. That somebody, in this case, is stayhealthy. A healthcare solutions pioneer for the mobile age, the company is addressing what is undeniably among the biggest problems in all of healthcare today — excess body fat.

According to the latest research by the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 40% of adults and 19% of youth are now classified as obese, the highest rate ever observed in the United States.

“There is a health crisis caused by body fat which if not addressed will bankrupt our economy, and we could be looking at new generations being born not outliving their parents in the term of years lived for the first time.”

                –Gov. Tommy Thompson, former Secretary of DHSS

Twenty years ago, the percentage of the population that had excess fat was 60%, today it is 70% with continued annual growth.  Excess fat has a dreadful impact on any individual, including but not limited to: increase exposure to diabetes (Type 2), cancer, heart, liver and kidney disease, pancreatic issues, degenerative and joint issues.

Without question, the increasingly sedentary lifestyles of adults and children has contributed to this healthcare crisis. But now, the very devices that keep us glued to our seats are being harnessed to give us better information that we can use to play a more proactive role in our health and wellness.

If you’re not familiar, stayhealthy’s app suite is designed to measure and track a number of the early predictors of potentially serious medical problems and will even provide users with solutions and actionable information. With more than twenty years of experience in its back pocket, the company is now putting on the front burner it’s boldest plan yet to harness cutting edge technology to trim the fat from our lives.

Predicated on the belief that if you can measure and track your numbers you can also change them, stayhealthy is behind an effort to upend BMI, a controversial statistical measure based on standardized height and weight ratios.

Having received FDA approval for the first true innovation in body fat screening since the development of BMI in the 1800s, stayhealthy’s Body Fact App (BF App) is well positioned to effectively replace BMI, which is infamous for its inconsistency and inaccuracy.

Stayhealthy’s BF app is based on years of peer reviewed clinical research, and heralds the arrival of a groundbreaking screening tool for widespread public use. Unlike BMI, stayhealthy’s app gives actual body fat percent and lean body mass percent.

3,000 clinicians have already used stayhealthy’s previously resources for measuring body composition but now a web and mobile based screening tool is coming online that can be used by anyone at any time.

By taking body composition to the next level, stayhealthy may very well place in the palm of our hands the ability to eradicate ineffectual weight loss programs, remove bad data from our health management plans, and supercharge efforts to get healthy and stay healthy by leveraging information and insight better than any health management resource has ever made possible.

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