Stayhealthy Leverages Pop Culture to Achieve Healthier Outcomes for Brands and Consumers

As difficult as it may be for some companies in the industry to admit, healthcare can be perceived as being exceedingly boring — especially for those of us needing to take appropriate steps to improve our own health.

Despite the fact that apps and mobile devices are now cornerstones of human entertainment, most apps and digital resources pertinent to healthcare somehow manage to suck all the fun and coolness straight out of our apps and mobile gadgets.

The vast majority of digital tools produced for our benefit simply aren’t entertaining or engaging enough to hold our interest. In the absence of games, celebrities, or cute cats, can you blame us for losing interest? Unfortunately, however, when we lose interest, we also tend to lose our chance at making real and lasting progress.

Thankfully, not every healthcare focused tech innovator on the scene is tone deaf on matters of entertainment, pop culture, and gaming.

Leading the charge for change in how modern consumer technologies are used to promote better health awareness and engagement, stayhealthy Inc. is putting more than twenty years of experience to use with their latest web and mobile based resources.

So if you’re expecting more of the same unremarkable and uninspired platforms and tools, you’re in for a surprise here.

To be sure, stayhealthy’s interactive health apps do precisely what you would hope a quality offering in the space would. If you’re needing to keep tabs on basic vitals, physical activity, and nutrition, stayhealthy lets you measure and track no shortage of stats, numbers, and other realities pertinent to your health in route to improving them. But remaining engaged in the modern world of fleeting attention spans requires more than a quality health tracking and management platform. Quite simply, you need to be better entertained to remain fully committed.

One of the primary ways in which stayhealthy is shaking up the unimaginative mobile healthcare space is through cultivating a social atmosphere that not only engages users but connects them with peers for the purpose of sharing stories, swapping motivational tips, and celebrating progress.

Beyond receiving encouragement from peers, stayhealthy is also facilitating opportunities for users to participate in celebrity backed activity-based challenges to win prizes. For example, major studious have committed access to some of their top-tier artists and many other perks to be used in the stayhealthy sweepstakes and challenges, including signed memorabilia, VIP concert tickets and even band/artist meet and greets.

Without question, the company’s innovative focus on edu-tainment gamification as the basis of encouraging a steadfast commitment to monitoring and improving one’s health is helping stayhealthy to attract and forge key partnerships that stand poised to enrich their resources further in the year ahead.

In effect, stayhealthy is engendering not only healthy outcomes for consumers but healthier marketing outcomes for advertising and branding partners.

Stayhealthy’s burgeoning program is prepped and ready to leverage celebs, opinion leaders, influencers, brands, retailers and corporations to create opportunities that beckon new partners seeking to co-produce and collaborate on influential/viral pop-culturally relevant content and brand awareness campaigns.

Influencer marketing may be among the trendiest buzz words in the advertising world today, but the number of companies leveraging influencers, pop culture, and social media to facilitate improved health and wellness for millions of consumers is frightfully small. This is yet another bright spot for stayhealthy as it continues to set itself apart from other companies in their industry.

“Brands and marketers have recently grasped how Influencer marketing is helping their bottom line and continuing to implement additional campaigns,” according to a recent report by Adweek, which cites research revealing that 67 percent of marketers think influencer marketing campaigns “helped them reach a more targeted audience, thus leading to more impactful results.”

Through their recent coupling with Augumently, Inc., stayhealthy is even set to harness the power of augmented reality to both dazzle users and entice brands into new and expanded partnerships. The arrival of AR in the healthcare space will unleash a torrent of create potential previously unheard of and unthought of, even in the modern mobile age.

“Our goal,” Paul Ring, head of stayhealthy’s marketing, explains, “is to help make your current and future customers healthier as they interact with your brand daily and use more of your products or services. While viewing these videos through their in-app camera, all users will be prompted to record or take pictures of your Brand’s AR experience and campaign, and share on social media with friends & family, further expanding your message in engaging and innovative ways.”

In the age of mass content, impersonal material that fails to resonate by feeling real will fall short of delivering an impactful experience to consumers and a lasting positive impression for brands. To that end, stayhealthy is rewriting all the rules for mobile-driven health and wellness resources. And the prognosis couldn’t possibly be better.

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